Upon reception of your parcel, your sensors are already turned on, tested and configured to work for your portal. 

You only need to connect the middleware to the internet to start collecting data.

Plug the middleware (G1):

  • Plug the device using its usb cable somewhere where it will remain plugged at all time, for exemple, in a dedicated socket, in your desktop computer or onto the internet box. 

Connect it to the internet:

  • In your available wifi networks, look for one beginning by GW and click on it
  • Enter in your favorite browser
  • Leave username and password blank and click "Login"
  • Go to the network tab and choose the "repeater"
  • Enter your wifi login credential

Change the destination URL:

Place the sensors in the relevant fridges:

  • Go to your portal 
  • Open the fridge/freezer unit section
  • In the list you will see the name of the fridge and mac address (the mac address is the number on the sensor label)
  • Position the sensors in the right fridges/freezers units
  • The data will be collected every 3 hours for each sensor

👏 👏 You can now enjoy a manual entry free process and be fully compliant with the law. 

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