QR codes are a super powerful feature of the app.
One you have customized the app to your premises, print a QR code label for 

  • Each fridge and freezers 
  • Each items which will require cleaning

Stick those mini labels on the items. 

When you perform a task related to this item, just flash the QR code and enter the value,
That way, you can never get it wrong and you don't even have to write or type the name of the item in your logs, it will be done automatically

And it goes further...

Whenever you print a label for a food item, it has a QR code on it. 

By flashing the QR code you can see :

  • The name of the product
  • The date is was created
  • Its expiry date
  • The name of the operator
  • The full list of allergens contained in the product

In regards to allergens

Once you have created a menu or a food item, just print the "allergens QR code label" for it an stick it on the menu, so the guest can be informed instantly of what type of food might contain allergens. 

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