The most obvious way is to show your computer or your mobile devise screen 😉 but there are much better ways to do that. 

1) Export and share logs

Choose what you want to see in the columns using the "tool" button in the top right corner and than filter anything you want i.e date, operator, team, category etc...

And use the + button on the bottom right of the screen as a PDF or CSV file

2) Send the logs by email

You can send the current view to any email address using the +button

3) Invite the inspector/auditor into the app

This is not the most obvious, but this is the most efficient. 

Create a team >>> Auditor
Allocate the permission >>> Auditor
Invite the auditor/inspector using their email address

They will than be able to audit your records remotely.

Please note that this autorisation is for viewing only, auditors will not be able to modify any the data.

🤫 Coming soon... 1 click inspection mode

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