Material Safety Data Sheets in the Food Industry

Material Safety Data Sheets, also identified as MSDS’s, supply details on the best way to manage and store chemical substances in a safe and secure manner.

Material safety data sheets are a crucial component of the occupational health and safety requirements of a food company. To ensure legal compliance, MSDS’s should be available in every food business at the point where the stated chemical is used or in close proximity. MSDS’s also play an important part in a food safety HACCP system.

If your food business is required to hold third-party food safety certification, the majority of the food certification standards also require that a copy of the MSDS for all chemicals used within the food premises or factory site be able for review.

You can easily source those data sheets on your preferred search engine or from you cleaning chemical supplier. 

Select Material Safety Data Sheets in the menu and press the purple circle to import your document.

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